The Benefits of an Electric Adjustable Bed


Serving your well-being


Whether you wish to simply go about your business in a comfortable position, reduce sleep related health problems, or be gently massaged, an adjustable bed offers you an ergonomic and personalized sleep position.


The Adjustable Bed, the Zero Gravity Position and their Benefits

Recommended by health professionals, the Zero gravity position consists of having the back slightly inclined and raising the legs so that they are higher than the rest of your body. It is this position that NASA astronauts adopt at blast off, thus reducing the effects of gravity. Equalizing the distribution of pressure on your body, notably on your dorsal discs and muscles, amongst others, this position is beneficial on many levels.


Reduction in Pressure

Alignment of back, heart and legs reduces pressure on the body by “equal” distribution. Pressure is significantly reduced, on spinal discs for example, which can then more easily decompress and regain their normal volume in this position. The imposed load in the standing or sitting position, predominant during the day, is thus considerably reduced.


Improved Circulation and Muscle Relaxation

The Zero gravity position improves circulation in lower limbs. Perhaps you are already in the habit of placing a pillow under your knees or feet to reduce leg pain, and numerous web site articles offer this as a solution. Very impractical, this solution requires unnecessary effort to be truly comfortable, not to mention the fact that pillows can move during the night. The electric bed allows you to position your legs exactly as you wish, and then modify the position in just a few clicks, thus relaxing your muscles.


Reduction in Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

Elevating the head of the bed promotes lung expansion, thus assisting with specific problems associated with oxygenizing, such as snoring and sleep apnoea.


Reduction in Some Digestive Problems

Studies have also proven that the simple inclined position can help considerably in reducing problems such as heartburn and gastric reflux.

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