How to Move your Mattress Risk Free?


The first of July will be here before you know it! If you are amongst those who will be moving, you probably have many things on your mind to plan your move well. LA PLACE can lighten your load by offering you a few tips on how to move your mattress efficiently.



First of all remember to cover your mattress well for transportation thus avoiding it being stained, damaged or getting wet. Ideally, it is best to use a plastic protection and not a blanket, ensuring the most water proof protection possible.

In addition, when possible transport your mattress in a closed vehicle and not in the back of a pick-up, thus avoiding a surprise rain shower or a cloud of dust!


Handling a Mattress

Avoid folding your mattress at all costs. This could damage the coils or the foam of the mattress and could even deform or displace interior materials.

Also avoid securing your mattress too tightly, this could also damage it.


What about You?

It is always best to move a mattress as a team. Even if you think that a double bed is light and easily transported alone, avoid doing so for the sake of your back. When moving, your physical health is more important than ever!

Lastly, please don’t adopt a mattress when you don’t know where it comes from! During moving time, mattresses are often left behind and even if these may seem to be in good condition you can have an unpleasant surprise… such as bed bugs! Instead, come and meet our advisors at LA PLACE whose expert knowledge will help you to choose the mattress best adapted to you, according to your budget and especially your needs!


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