Which mattress to choose for back pain ?


Choosing the right mattress is crucial to restful sleep, especially if you suffer from back pain. In fact, your mattress can either alleviate or aggravate your back pain, depending on a number of factors, including your sleeping position and physical condition. So how do you choose the perfect mattress to relieve your back pain?


1. Know Your Sleeping Position

The position in which you sleep can greatly influence the type of mattress you need. For example, if you sleep on your stomach (a position not recommended if you suffer from back pain), a soft mattress is not ideal, as it can lead to excessive curvature of the spine, causing back pain. For side sleepers, extra-firm mattresses can cause shoulder numbness and hip pain. It’s best to choose a medium-firm mattress. Back sleepers, on the other hand, will benefit more from a firm mattress for better spinal support.

2. Identify the Cause of Your Back Pain

It’s essential to determine whether your back pain starts as soon as you wake up, or if it’s already present before you go to bed. If you wake up in pain, your mattress could be to blame, so it may be time to change it. In the case of medical conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, a medium-firm or soft mattress could help by relieving pressure points on the body. By identifying the cause of your back pain, you can better choose the type of mattress that suits your needs and comfort.

3. Mattress Materials

Mattress materials are another determining factor. Memory foam is often recommended for back pain relief, as it distributes body weight evenly and promotes better blood circulation. What’s more, it adapts to your shape to support every part of your body. On the other hand, pocket coil mattresses offer responsiveness and all-round support. Each coil is individually wrapped, enabling the mattress to adapt more precisely to the body’s contours and reduce pressure points. However, as pocket coils do not distribute weight as evenly as memory foam or latex, some people may feel increased pressure on certain parts of the body. However, to alleviate some of this problem, at LA PLACE, all our pocket coil mattresses feature a three-zone structure: the middle third offers stiffer coils for better support around the hips.

4. The Adjustable Bed for Optimum Lumbar Support

Electric adjustable beds offer additional benefits, including the ability to choose the ideal position for back pain relief, such as the zero gravity position. They also enable support levels to be adjusted, notably with lumbar pushers, for personalized comfort. This can be particularly beneficial for chronic back pain sufferers, offering targeted relief where it’s needed most. What’s more, some electric adjustable beds are equipped with advanced features such as built-in vibrators, which can help relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. Similarly, the option of independant heads on some models allows both partners to choose the position that suits them best, offering optimum comfort for each sleeper. These innovative features make electric adjustable beds an attractive choice for those looking to relieve back pain while enjoying quality sleep.

Finally, choosing the right mattress for back pain depends on a number of factors, including your sleeping position, your physical condition and your specific medical needs. It’s important to take the time to research and, if possible, try out different types of mattress before making a final choice. By investing in the right mattress, you can significantly improve the quality of your sleep and reduce back pain.

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