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Shipping Policy (online purchases)


    • SHIPPING TIME : Online purchases are generally sent by FedEx or Nationex, according to their conditions, within 3 to 5 business days.. Shipping time for specific colours of sheets, specific special sizes of mattresses and certain adjustable beds may vary between 10 and 20 business days. In the days following your purchase, an email will be sent by one of our carriers to track your package.
    • Shipping is free for purchases of $100 or more for all items purchased online. For purchases of less than $100, a fee of $10 is applied.
    • Online purchasing is available only for residents of the province of Quebec, Canada. Purchase of products online is therefore not possible should you live outside of this area.
    • The policy regarding recovery of your old mattress for recycling is not available when purchasing online.
    • Returns or exchanges for purchases made online must be made in store in keeping with “Returns and Exchanges” and “Peace of Mind Trial” policies. If you purchase online and wish to request a comfort return, please fill out the following form.
    • Exceptional shipping costs (if applicable) are not reimbursable.


Shipping Policy (in-store purchases)


    • In most cases shipping is free throughout Quebec for in-store purchases. Additional costs may apply according to purchase amount and territory.
    • Delivery of in-store purchases is done by truck, directly by means of our internal delivery team.
    • Installation of adjustable beds and metal frames on casters or legs is free, a $30 charge is applicable for the installation of platforms and upholstered beds.
    • A mandatory professional installation service is provided by La Place for Murphy beds. Costs may vary according to the scale of the installation.
      Details in store.


Peace of Mind Trial Policy (Comfort Guarantee)


LA PLACE stores are committed to offering high quality products. If however, after a certain lapse of time, you realize that you are not satisfied with the comfort, we will assist you in replacing your original purchase, according to the following conditions.


100 Night Trial | Mattresses

    • The 100 night trial begins on the date of delivery, shipping or in-store pick up.
    • No exchange can be made during the first 45 nights. Please note that on average, the body requires 1 month to adapt to a new mattress. A 20% depreciation fee will be charged in the event of a premature exchange.
    • No refunds are given, only exchanges are accepted, upon presentation of sales receipt. If the value of the new product is superior to the original product, the customer must pay the difference. If the value of the new product is inferior to the original product, a credit will be noted in the customer’s file.
    • A $65 dollar basic exchange fee is applicable. Additional costs may be applicable according to territory.
    • The purchase of a mattress protector on the same invoice as your mattress is mandatory in order to benefit from the 100-night trial program, because the mattress being replaced must be in perfect condition. It must be free of any stains, odours and must not have undergone any physical deterioration whatsoever. LA PLACE reserves the right to refuse any mattress which does not comply with these conditions.
    • This trial period does not apply to demonstrator models, special sizes nor to final sale mattresses.
    • Only one exchange per purchase, per customer.
    • Exchange in store only.
    • If you purchase online and wish to request a comfort return, please fill out the the following form.
      Details in store.


Product Guarantee Policy


  • All products offered at LA PLACE are covered by an advantageous guarantee ranging from 1 to 25 years.
  • If you have purchased a product at LA PLACE, you can register using the Web form to receive all pertinent information by email.
  • To make an exchange request under guarantee for a defective product, you must first complete the following form (click here). Make sure you read the information before the form and answer the questions as you go so that you can see all the questions appear. If you do not complete this form and ask that our teams come directly to your home to verify your product, a fee of $ 45 will apply before the verification, which will be refunded to you if the product does indeed meet the requirements.


Return and Exchange Policy


    • No refunds are accepted, with the exception of accessories (sheets, mattress covers, pillow cases, etc.) which may be returned to store within 30 days following delivery or in-store pick up, product must be unopened.
    • No exchanges or refunds are accepted for opened products, demonstrators or final sales. Guarantees on demonstrator models and liquidations are always valid.
    • Final sale on all special orders / custom sizes.
    • Returns or exchanges on products purchased online must be made in store.
    • If you purchase on line and wish to request a comfort return, please fill out the following form.
    • Shipping costs are non-refundable.
      Details in store.


Privacy Policy and Terms of Use


To consult our Privacy Policy and Use of Data, please consult the intended page by clicking here.

LA PLACE reserves the right to modify the present policy at all times, without notification. Once modifications are made, they are effective immediately.



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