Kingsdown Ascension Mattress Collection

Shop our Ascension collection: fresh mattresses inspired by the highest peaks. A fresh-treatment fabric and an airy foam combination.

The Mattress Collection Inspired by the Highest Peeks


When creating the Ascension collection, manufactured exclusively for LA PLACE by the famous Canadian manufacturer Kingsdown, we wanted to offer mattresses that would surpass all the market's offer in terms of memory foam mattresses for sleepers wanting nights without heat or sweating. We wanted everyone to experience the same pleasant feeling that the great outdoors, the fresh air and the mountains provide. We wanted everyone to experience an ascent to sleep as in weightlessness, as in a pure, airy outdoor environment, on the edge of sky and earth ... This is how the Kingsdown Ascension mattress collection was born.


Freshness, Aeration, Weightlessness


The key ingredient in Kingsdown Ascension mattresses is undoubtedly their cool gel infused and water-expanded VX memory foam, insensitive to body heat and ambient air, which helps keep the body at an ideal temperature for a pleasant sleep. It also offers extreme ventilation, hence its name: VX. Come and see us at our store and handle the VX foam for yourself, you will feel and even hear air flowing freely through the foam's open cells... prove to yourself its optimal level of breathability. You will immediately understand the link between Ascension mattresses and the effect felt in the mountains ... Its memory effect will also have you feeling weightless.

Some models in the collection also offer a combination of Ener-z foam , certified without harmful products (CertiPUR-US) perforated natural latex added to the lumbar region to provide optimal support where the body is heavier. The Ascension Hybrid mattress models also feature a pocket coils structure (up to 1905) with reinforced central third for added support and proper spinal alignment, as well as a perimeter of perforated rigid foam for enhanced edge stability and optimal breathability. All proudly made in Quebec, Kingsdown Ascension fresh mattresses are guaranteed for 20 years.


Why Choose a Kingsdown Ascension Mattress?

  • Cool, breathable and very well ventilated
  • Eliminate the discomfort of heat and night sweating
  • Made of very high quality materials
  • Upholstered in cool premium cool touch fabric
  • CertiPUR-US certified foams
  • Guaranteed 20 years
  • Made in Quebec by Kingsdown exclusively for LA PLACE
  • Various comfort level and construction depending on the model

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