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LA PLACE is committed to offering high quality products, all of which benefit from an advantageous guarantee. However, it is not impossible that over time the initial quality will not be the same.

For any service request related to your warranty, please select the section that relates to you below to obtain information essential to your request, then complete the form.


What is the purpose of your request?

If your request is regarding a sagging mattress, please read the following information carefully in order to determine if your mattress is eligible for the guarantee.

Depth of sagging

In order to be eligible for the guarantee, our manufacturing partners require that a foam mattress sinks by at least 1″ and a coil mattress by at least 1.5″, otherwise they will not be taken back.

Body stains

In order to be eligible for the guarantee, our manufacturing partners require that a mattress be free of all stains, in the presence of which they will not be taken back.


A mattress must be supported by a box spring or a platform in good condition. Furthermore, ” Queen ” or Extra large ” King ” bed bases on feet must have at least 5 feet, including a central foot.

If your mattress meets the requirements and is therefore eligible for the guarantee :

  1. Please take note of the pictures and information below as they will help you take the required pictures for your request properly.
  2. Fill out the following form.

Steps to be followed to measure the sagging of your mattress and to take appropriate pictures

Step 1 (first picture to take)

Place a broom handle (or other straight stick) from left to right on the mattress, on the sunken section, so that the sagging is visible.

Take a picture in front of the mattress on which the whole bed can be seen.



Step 2 (second picture to take)

Place a ruler or a tape measure on the sunken section of the mattress up to the edge of the stick.

Take a second picture closer up, on which the tape measure and both sides of the bed can be seen.

The objective of this picture is to enable us to verify the sagging and ensure that it is not being exaggerated by other factors.

Step 3 (third picture to take)

Take another picture of the measuring tape between the mattress and the stick close enough for the measurement of the sinking to be clearly visible.


WARNING! If you mattress is padded (quilting with stitches), it is important to take the measurement beginning from the padded portion of the quilting and not in the stitching.
Step 4 (fourth picture to take)

Take a picture of the mattress support (box spring and/or base and/or platform). If you use a base with feet, take a clear picture under the bed ensuring that all feet are visible, including the centre foot.


Step 5 (fifth picture to take)

Take a photo to demonstrate the adequacy of your box spring or platform.


Prior to any service request for an electric bed base, please carry out the following verifications, which may resolve your issue.

  1. Try unplugging and re-plugging the base.
  2. Check the batteries of your remote control. They may simply need recharging.
  3. Check if a switch is connected to the outlet where the base is plugged in. If so, ensure that the switch is turned on.

If all of the above verifications have been carried out without success, please complete the form below.

For all other problems or products, complete the form below and we will follow it up with you in the next few days.


Form | Service Request – Guarantee


After having read the above section which corresponds to your request, please fill out the adjacent form and we ensure that a follow up will be made as soon as possible. Please ensure that you have read the back of your original invoice properly.



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