Who are we?


LA PLACE is THE Quebec chain of stores specializing in exclusive Quebec mattresses, adjustable beds, Murphy beds and bedding. Be advised by real sleep specialists and at the same time design your multi-functional Murphy bed, fully personalized to your space, enabling you to bring together your bedroom, office, living room and more all into one room. Simply put, at LA PLACE, we are innovative and take care of all of your needs, thus optimizing the comfort of both our clients and partners, throughout Quebec.


Mission, Vision and Values



As specialists in the creation of home comfort solutions, our mission is to provide you with a comfortable and entirely personalized living space by means of innovative Quebec or Canadian products, primarily exclusive mattresses as well as custom made Murphy beds and kitchen cabinets.



To be the #1 accomplice and partner for Quebecers and Canadians in terms of personalized comfort.




– Innovation –

At LA PLACE, we are above all passionate creators through the research and development of innovative products aimed at satisfying all of your comfort needs. We work in close cooperation with experienced manufacturers, who are driven by this same passion and who are using their expertise in the service of our ideas.


– Proximity –

We are completely committed to maintaining a close relationship in our milieu, cooperating with local manufacturers to offer products from here, manufactured mainly in Quebec and Canada. This close relationship is reflected throughout our team and with our customers, as we wish them to be satisfied, happy and reassured.


– Quality –

This relationship based on trust and closeness, that we invariably build with our partners, enables us to supervise the manufacturing of our products as well as the quality of their components which, moreover, are tending more and more towards the natural. This quality value is also reflected in the personalized and attentive service offered by our expert advisors as well as our customer service associates. Key point, for us, quality goes hand in hand with accessibility regardless of your budget, at LA PLACE, we offer you the best to optimize your comfort at home.


LA PLACE from 2005 to today


Established in the Beauce in 2005 under the name of La Place du Matelas, this family owned business, specializing in sleep, quickly becomes a major player in its field. Then, in 2009 the decision is made to introduce various models of Murphy beds into its stores. Upon realizing that space optimization is more and more appreciated and required in the home, the company decides to further specialize in the domain, offering more than 10 000 possible layouts and an ever growing custom-made sector. The company quickly becomes a leader in the field of Quebec Murphy beds, and the creation of La Place du Lit Mural division. In 2017, with several branches and franchises throughout Quebec, the company adopted the name LA PLACE. Having been part of the Livingchy Group since 2022, the Quebec creative conglomerate, LA PLACE can count on several partner companies that are members of this same group, whose mission is to improve the living environment of people through creative products and services.




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