Foam or Coil Mattress?


One of the most frequently asked questions to our in-store advisors is the following : should I choose a foam mattress or a coil mattress? Obviously, there is no simple answer to the question… This depends largely on your personal preference, and also on your needs and characteristics.


Firstly, what Choices are Available in Foam or Coils?


First of all, you should be aware that there are two types of coils : conventional coils and pocket coils, that is to say those that are individually wrapped and isolated. This type of coil adapts better to the curves of the body as each one adapts individually. Also, this characteristic can soften the movements that can be felt when we sleep with someone who moves during the night.

Coils are characterized according to size, corresponding to their tension, to the size of steel wires used in making them. The higher the number, the softer the coils. Some mattresses are even made of various sizes of coils to better adapt to the body. For example, our very firm, Ironman mattress, is made of softer coils at the head and legs, and more rigid coils in the centre, where most of the body weight is located.

As regards foam, many different varieties are available, such as memory foam, also called ” shape memory foam ” or ” visco-elastic foam ” which was made popular by NASA. These different types of foam mould to the body, properly adapting to the curves of each individual. There is also other non-memory foam, such as soya or latex foam. Latex foam is natural, cooler, more airy, more durable and does not normally have a memory effect. There is also foam that can be infused with gel or graphite, as in the case of our PROActiv and Grafit collections, thus improving their durability and making them cooler.

The quality of a foam is determined, amongst other things, by its density (weight). The higher the density, the higher the quality of the foam. A 2 lb. foam is considered high quality, and is found in the Grafit, PROActive and Hotel mattresses.


And so, Foam or Coils?


Several factors should guide your choice : your preferences with regards to comfort, and also your needs and morphology.


Ask yourself what your preferences are and the desired effect sought after in a mattress

What are you looking for in a mattress? That it be enveloping? Soft? High support? Whereas a coil mattress provides comfort that can be characterized as ” active “, foam offers a more ” passive ” comfort ” : coils ” push ” us in a manner of speaking, and give the impression of supporting us, whereas foam gives the impression of sleeping flatter, the mattress’ vibration waves are felt less since the foam absorbs them. Shape memory foam, on the other hand, provides an enveloping sensation. The more visco-elastic contained in the foam, the stronger the feeling of sinking in, of envelopment.


Determine your needs based on your characteristics

Once you have properly understood the difference between foam and coils and that you have established your preferences, it is imperative that you consider your physical condition before choosing your mattress. If you suffer from backaches or aching hips, foam mattresses are probably better adapted to your needs, they hug the body, sometimes within millimetre accuracy, providing an adapted support and eliminating pressure points. However, for heavier people, we would suggest opting for pocket coils and a firmer mattress.

Simply put, there is no quick answer to the question ” coil or foam mattress? “! Meet with experts in the field, try out different options and listen to your body!


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