Millésime Mattress Collection

Shop our collection of high-end Millésime mattresses: the ultimate collection, in 4 comforts, guaranteed for 25 years. Their cool fabric, antibacterial copper-infused latex and gel-infused memory foam will provide you with ventilation, coolness, support and durability.


The Ultimate Collection


Here it is, our best vintage. The ultimate collection, in 4 comforts. Choose yours.

Just as good wine improves in quality over the years, this high-end collection is the fruitage of decades of experience, held by our designers in the field of sleep. And just as each of us has our preferred wine vintage, each will find their best suited Millésime model.

Flagship collection at LA PLACE, our advisors will be delighted to have you try them as soon as you walk into our store, you may then discover your favourite comfort disc, Vif (red disc), for extra-firm comfort; Corsé (orange disc) for firm comfort; Doux (yellow disc) for semi-firm comfort and Souple (green disc) for soft comfort.


Unsurpassed Quality


Made in Quebec for maximum quality control, and exclusive at LA PLACE, Millésime mattresses are made using a combination of valued high-end materials : copper infused natural latex, gel infused memory foam, high density convoluted foam with cashmere fibre quilting and ActiveIce™ fabric. In other words : breathability, coolness, support, durability and much more.


Mattresses That Breath


The reputation of natural latex is well established : a durable, ecological and airy material. Offering optimal support without the memory effect, latex foam found in Millésime mattresses are also infused with copper, a natural material praised for its many health benefits ; it is antifungal, antibacterial and anti-mite, contributing to a purified sleep.


Designed Support


In addition to its latex foam, Millésime mattresses are composed of a layer of gel infused memory foam, which adapts to your curbs as you change positions, thus reducing pressure points, allowing muscles to relax more quickly and providing spinal support.

Equipped with a high density convoluted foam with cashmere fibre quilting, Millésime mattresses also provide a cozy soft surface as well as a perimeter of perforated rigid foam preventing mattress sides from collapsing.


Spotlight on Coolness


Since memory foam tends to absorb body heat, we have also added a gel infusion, for cooler comfort. Combined with a covering of ActiveIce™ with thermoregulation technology, also infused with anti-bacterial copper, you will enjoy cool sleep, without night sweats.

All foam used in Millésime mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, a North American official certification, based on the strictest criteria, which ensures that foam is without harmful products for either the environment or humans.

Guaranteed 25 years, Millésime mattresses are sold exclusively at LA PLACE. Find your best pairing; your Millésime.


Why Choose Millésime Mattresses?

  • High-End mattresses
  • Offered in 4 distinctive comforts : choose your favourite Millésime
  • Made from the most valued quality materials : natural latex infused with anti-bacterial copper, smart Sleep heat insensitive memory foam, high density convoluted foam with cashmere fibre quilting, covered with ActiveIce™ with thermoregulation technology, infused with anti-bacterial copper
  • Offering optimal support (relief of pressure points), without exaggerated memory effect.
  • Ventilated, airy and cool
  • Made from CertiPUR-US foams
  • Guaranteed 25 years
  • Made in Quebec

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