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What Is a Pocket-Coil Mattress?

Pocket-coil mattresses are made up of coils wrapped in individual pockets, enabling them to react to weight independently of each other. As a result, they adjust better to the natural curves of your body than regular coil mattresses.

Coils are characterized by their grade, which corresponds to the stiffness and size of the steel wire they're made of. The higher the number, the softer the coils. Some mattresses are even made up of coils of different grades to better adapt to the body. For example, some LA PLACE pocket-coil mattresses feature a three-part structure: the stiffness under the legs, hips and shoulders is not the same, thus adapting to the body's natural weight proportions.

Benefits of Pocket-Coil Mattresses

Pocket coils, by adapting to your hips and shoulders, provide better support for your spine and cervical area. In addition, they help to reduce motion transfer, so that a restless spouse is no longer a problem for the other partner, who doesn't feel the impact.

Some mattresses in our Hotel collection even feature a double pocket-spring structure: the standard structure is covered by a layer of nano-pocket-coils (small, low-profile coils), which further optimize the beneficial effects of this type of coils.

If you prefer coil mattresses, you've come to the right place!


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