Adjustable beds

Shop our adjustable beds offering various options: head and foot tilt, independent heads, vibrators, pre-programmed zero gravity position, and much more!

LA PLACE electric beds combine comfort and functionality. Designed to adapt to your individual needs, they allow you to find the ideal position for relaxing or sleeping comfortably.

Adjustable Beds for Ergonomic Comfort

The electric bed, also known as adjustable bed or articulated bed, features a motorized base that can be adjusted using a remote control. This means you can easily adjust the height of the head and feet to suit your personal preferences, reducing pain and muscle tension. Raising your feet also improves blood circulation and relieves pressure on your legs. You can even try the zero-gravity position, recommended by doctors, to eliminate any tension. Whether you want to read, watch TV, work on your laptop or relieve body aches, our electric bed bases are there to meet your needs.

Adjustable Beds with a Variety of Features

Featuring quiet, powerful engines that allow you to adjust your positions smoothly and effortlessly, our electric beds also come with additional features to enhance your sleep experience: vibrators, slide platform, lumbar pushers, independent heads, reading head, integrated LED lights, USB ports, and much more.

At LA PLACE, we offer a wide range of adjustable beds, from simple, functional models to the most luxurious and sophisticated,and even medicals beds. We are committed to offering you high-quality products that combine comfort, durability and aesthetics. Explore our vast selection and discover the electric bed that best suits your needs and lifestyle.


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