Shop our high-quality, innovative Quebec or Canadian mattresses: memory foam, latex, pocket coils, gel, mattresses in a box and more.

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Shop our vast selection of high-quality mattresses made in Quebec, carefully designed by our sleep experts.

Queen, Twin, Full or King Mattresses for All Types of Sleepers

Whether you are looking for a Queen, twin, full or King mattress, or even special sizes, we have everything you need to provide an unparalleled sleep experience.

We understand that each person has unique sleep needs, which is why we offer a variety of technologies and materials that will provide optimal support while meeting your individual preferences.

Whether you prefer pocket coil mattresses, which offer targeted support with their individually wrapped coil system; memory foam mattresses, which adapt to the shape of your body to reduce pressure points; or natural latex mattresses, airy mattresses made from sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials, you will find the best mattress for you.

To better guide you, spot our color tags in each online product sheet, or try our model mattresses in-store to discover your favorite color tag, displayed on all our mattresses in-store.

Made-in-Quebec Quality Mattresses

We’re proud to support Quebec industry by offering high-quality, lasting and comfortable mattresses made in Quebec. When you buy a mattress made in Quebec, you benefit not only from a long-lasting, quality product, but also from a restful night’s sleep, all while supporting the local economy! Our mattresses are designed in-house by our experts and manufactured locally with the utmost care by our partners. As sleep specialists, we are committed to offering only the best mattresses on the market. Browse our vast selection of mattresses now, discover the ideal choice for your comfort and well-being, and buy your mattress online or in-store!


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