How Do You Know When it’s Time to Change your Mattress?


On this World Sleep Day, the goal of which is to draw society’s attention to good sleep habits, it is pertinent to ask ourselves if our mattress is still adequate! You wake up stiff? Tired? Your mattress from the 90s makes more noise than your alarm clock? It is perhaps time – and essential – to change!


First of All, What is the Life Span of a Mattress?


Is a mattress still good after 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? 25 years? All of the above answers… or none of them! Actually, the life span of a mattress varies according to its quality, or rather to the quality of the materials which were used in its making and according to its maintenance. In fact, a poor quality or poorly maintained mattress will wear out more quickly than a good quality mattress which has been well maintained. That is why it is important to deal with a store specializing in mattresses, whose expert advisors can professionally and reliably guide you and advise you on the different mattress categories and materials as well as the maintenance needed to prolong their life span. If you don’t have access to expert advisors, a good way to determine the quality of a mattress can be in keeping with the price, but even more so the guarantee. For example the LA PLACE Grafit mattress comes with a limited 25 year guarantee, granted, amongst other reasons, due to the high quality graphite infused natural latex, 4 times the durability.


5 Signs that you Probably Need to Change your Mattress


A number of indicators can assist you in determining if it is indeed time to change your mattress, here are 5 of them.


1- You wake up stiff

If you regularly have a backache, a sore neck, or numbness when you wake up, it could be that your mattress no longer provides sufficient support, due to usage of materials which have lost their effectiveness. Avoid prolonging this unpleasant situation by purchasing a new mattress better adapted to your morphology. Be careful though not to confuse this situation with that felt during the adaptation period to a new mattress. When you have grown accustomed to a mattress over a long period of time and you decide to change, it will take several weeks to adapt to the new mattress and be 100% comfortable.


2- Your mattress is abnormally deformed

The edges of your mattress are sagging? A clear imprint of your body is visible on the mattress when you get out of bed? Although a light imprint is normal, excessive sagging is a clear sign that it is time to look for the mattress of your dreams…


3- You can definitely feel your mattress coils (if you mattress has them…)

You get the feeling that your mattress coils are about to pop out? You feel them in your back and you can even hear them creaking? Run to LA PLACE!


4- You have inherited a mattress from a family member who can’t even remember when he bought it…

Even if the age of a mattress does not clearly determine whether or not it is still good, a very old mattress is rarely still adequate. Rely on the outlined criteria to make your decision, however think seriously about changing!


5- Your allergies increase or previously unknown allergies appear

An old mattress can easily become a major source of dust mites, especially if it has not been properly maintained. Dust mites can create health risks and are the cause of unpleasant allergies.


How to maintain your mattress properly?


As already mentioned in the introduction, if you wish to preserve your mattress for manyyears, it is important that you maintain it properly. The experts at LA PLACE recommend purchasing a mattress cover to avoid stains and dust mite build up; turning your mattress 180° (head to foot and vice versa) at every change in season, thus avoiding the creation of body imprints; and using an adapted base such a good box spring or a base with at least 6 feet, including a central foot.

What you need to keep in mind, no matter what the condition of your mattress, is that it is an essential part of maintaining good health, since you spend more than a third of your life on it! Make it a top priority… Maybe it doesn’t seem to be a worthwhile investment at the outset, however, in the long run, your body will thank you!


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