Which Murphy bed to choose?


Do you dream of optimizing your living space while retaining the comfort of a cozy bed? Murphy beds are the ideal solution for maximizing the use of your room. In this article, we’ll explore the crucial steps in choosing the perfect wall bed that meets your needs and blends harmoniously with your decor!


1. Measure Your Available Space

The first crucial step in choosing a Murphy bed is to accurately measure the space available in your room. Consider the width of your units and make sure you have enough space to deploy the bed without compromising the room’s functionality. If space is limited in terms of height, opt for a horizontal model for an optimal space-saving solution.

2. Identify Your Functional Needs

Ask yourself what the main function of your Murphy bed will be. Will it be used purely for occasional guests, or do you want to integrate an office or create a multifunctional room with an integrated sofa? Clearly identify your needs to guide your choice towards the right model.

If you don’t have enough rooms in your home to provide both a guest room and an office, maximize the functionality of your available space by opting for a 3-in-1 Murphy bed set with side, perpendicular or front desk and side storage unit(s) with closet and/or bookcase, filing cabinet and much more. So, in addition to the space saved when the bed is closed to the wall, you’ll be able to use your room as both bedroom and office in a minimum of space, without having to buy several independent pieces of furniture, which may take up too much space, be poorly arranged and more expensive in the end.

Do you live in a small studio/loft where space is limited and you’re looking to maximize comfort without compromising? Opt for a Murphy bed with a built-in sofa at the front. With this solution, you’ll have a sitting area with a quality sofa during the day, then be able to easily deploy the bed over your sofa in the evening to enjoy a pleasant night’s sleep. It’s worth noting that Murphy beds offer the option of using real, high-quality mattresses, an option often missing from traditional sofa beds.

3. Look for Quality

Quality is essential when it comes to Murphy beds. Look for local manufacturers, who often favor choice materials and easy-to-use, functional mechanisms. Make sure the legs unfold simultaneously for easier handling, and check the weight capacity to ensure the bed’s durability… In short, a set of features we’re proud to offer at LA PLACE, with our Murphy beds created and manufactured in our own factory, in Quebec. 😉

4. Choose Your Design

Your Murphy bed should not only be functional, but also an attractive design element : make sure you select a style that perfectly complements your space. Opt, for example, for handleless models like our exclusive Lifestyle Murphy beds, which incorporate LED lights to create an elegant, modern ambience.

With over 10,000 possible configurations at LA PLACE, our Murphy beds offer exceptional flexibility to suit all tastes and requirements. Take the time to choose a model that meets your practical needs while adding an aesthetic touch to your room.

In conclusion, investing in a well-chosen Murphy bed is a smart way to optimize your living space. Measure precisely, identify your needs, look for quality and choose a design that blends well with your home decor. With these simple steps, you can transform your space while guaranteeing peaceful, comfortable nights’ sleep.

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