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Shop our 5-star hotel quality mattresses. Made in Quebec and guaranteed for 20 years, they include up to 2505 high quality pocket coils.

Your 5-star hotel mattress ... at home


Who of us has never had the experience of sleeping on the best mattress ever at a hotel? Once we have experienced it, we often look for this cozy comfort, without having to pay for a hotel room 7 days a week! Your search ends here : treat yourself to the comfort, quality and durability of prestigious hotel quality mattresses, at an affordable price with our 4 and 5 star Hôtel collection mattresses, an exclusivity of LA PLACE, and sleep at home as if at a hotel!


The zenith of the pocket coil mattress


The distinguishing characteristic of the Hôtel collection resides, above all, in the impressive number of pocket coils (individually wrapped coils) present in each model of mattress from the collection. From the most affordable to the most luxurious, Hôtel mattresses contain, in their "King" size, up to 2500 pocket coils.

This extremely large number of pocket coils is rare in the industry and, in terms of high quality mattresses, difficult to match. What bearing does the number of pocket coils have on the quality of a mattress? The higher the number, the better the mattress' structure adapts to the curves of your body. Hôtel mattresses and their structure offer optimal increased support, more specifically at the hip and shoulder level, contributing to the prevention of aches. Pocket coils also minimize motion transfer, and therefore the constant movement of an agitated partner will be felt less and won't disturb your stability or your sleep.

Furthermore, certain models of Hôtel mattresses, an exclusivity of LA PLACE, are equipped with nano pocket coils, that is to say, a surface layer of small low profile coils, which add to the benefits of traditional pocket coils in terms of support and stability. Thanks to these nano springs, Hôtel mattresses adapt even better to your morphology than ordinary pocket coil mattresses do, which are easily found in traditional mattress stores whose goal is not necessarily to add any value to standard products. We at LA PLACE are constantly innovating for your comfort and our Hôtel collection is a clear demonstration of this fact, in the same way that each one of our innovative mattress collections are.


Just another reason to choose 5-star Hôtel mattresses


Providing a cozy cushioned surface, with a European or regular layer, Hôtel mattresses are all equipped with a perimeter of perforated rigid foam for enhanced edge stability and optimal breathability. They are also covered with luxurious cashmere fabricto optimize the experience. Offering different mattress comforts, from firm to soft, including semi-firm, each Hôtel mattress is guaranteed 20 years and is proudly made in Quebec. Choose your preferred model amongst these refined style, design and inviting mattresses.


5-Star Hotel Collection mattresses in summary

  • Offering the cozy comfort of the most prestigious hotels
  • Containing up to 2500 pocket coils, including nano springs
  • Offering a real value add compared to standard pocket coil mattresses
  • Offering excellent support by adapting perfectly to the curves of your body
  • Equipped with a perimeter of perforated rigid foam
  • Guaranteed 20 years
  • Made in Québec

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