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Shop the widest selection of boxed mattresses in the industry at LA PLACE. In addition to the traditional memory foam mattresses, we offer boxed mattresses with natural latex and even pocket springs.

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All Types of Mattresses in a Box

At LA PLACE, you will find a vast selection of mattresses in a box of bag of all types, to suit everyone's preferences and needs.

Whether it is a regular, gel, copper or graphite-infused memory foam mattress; a natural latex mattress or even a pocket-coil mattress in a box, we've got what you need.

One type of mattress can't be perfect for absolutely everyone: a fit young teenager won't have the same needs as someone with back pain, being heavier or feeling very hot at night, for example. That's why it's best to deal with sleep experts who offer a wider range of products to meet a variety of specific needs. The exclusive My WOWBED collection, in fact, has been designed with this in mind.

Benefits of Mattresses in a Box

The major benefit of a mattress in a box is that it's very convenient: easy to handle, you can buy it, take it away with you and enjoy it just a few hours later. It can also be shipped to you more quickly and easily. And the best thing about LA PLACE is that you can test your mattress in a box in-store, which is not the case with mattress-in-a-box stores that only accept online orders.

Mattresses in a Box: Just as Good?

The question on everyone's mind: are mattresses in a box just as good? At LA PLACE, the answer is yes! For the mattress to be compressed and boxed, the foams used must be of the perfect density, otherwise it won't return to its original shape when unpacked. This means you can rest assured about the quality. Want to know more about mattresses in a box? Check out our special mattress in a box blog post, intended to answer all your questions about it.

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