Exact Mattress Sizes


Standard Mattress Sizes

In the chart below you will find standard North American mattress sizes. Please note that these can vary by more or less an inch due to the flexibility of certain materials.






37,5″ or 95 cm 73,5″ or 187 cm

Twin XL

37,5″ or 95 cm 78,5″ or 199 cm


52,5″ or 133 cm 73,5″ or 187 cm

Full XL

52,5″ or 133 cm 78,5″ or 199 cm


58,5″ or 149 cm 78,5″ or 199 cm


76″ or 193 cm 78,5″ or 199 cm


Custom Made Mattress

You have a special request? LA PLACE also offers custom made solutions! Whether it be for your recreational vehicle, your camper, your boat or to fill any other specific request, we can design the right mattress for you. Just come to our store with your measurements, find the mattress that best suits you and order from one of our expert advisors!

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