Natural Latex Mattresses


The reputation of natural latex is well established : a durable, ecological and airy material. In contrast with memory foam, latex foam does not retain your body imprint, however it offers optimal support and a longer life span. What is more, latex is more airy and is not thermo-sensitive, therefore it is perfectly adapted to those who like the comfort of foam, without the memory effect but who are also more warm-bodied.


Graphite Infused Natural Latex


What is exceptional at LA PLACE, is that we offer an exclusive graphite infused natural latex, a natural mineral that transforms the properties of latex to make it up to 4 times more durable and even fresher. Moreover our mattresses containing this type of latex are guaranteed 25 years.

Our latex foams are CertiPUR-US certified, an official North American certification based on rigorous criteria and ensuring that the foams are free of products that are harmful to the environment and to humans.



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