Sommier et base 2-en-1 Box-to-goSommier et base 2-en-1 Box-to-go

Box Spring and Base 2-in-1 Box-to-Go

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Ultra-practical, the Box-to-go box spring and base all-in-one is easy to assemble and comes in a box, making for easy and fast shipping. Use with feet if you require a base and a box spring, or without feet if you only need a box spring, covered with black fabric, supports up to 600 pounds and guaranteed 5 years.

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  • Made in Quebec
  • Warranty : 5year(s)
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Treat yourself to the Box-to-go all-in-one box spring and base! Ready-to-assemble and ultra-practical, comes in a 14 x 16 x 78 box and is easily and quickly shipped. Equipped with a batten system providing greater support and optimal ventilation, the Box-to-go base and box spring equipped with 6 optional 4" feet : one in each corner and two in the centre for plenty of support and extended durability. Used with feet, can also be used as a base : you won't need a metal or melamine base as well as your box spring. However, if you already have a base, it can be used without the feet.

Thickness of 5", not counting the feet, the base is covered with a neutral black fabric, blending with any decor. Guaranteed 5 years and supporting up to 600 pounds, it is easy to install, just screw in the sides and the central support as well as the feet to the end pieces under the base.

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600 lb

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5 years


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