The Perfect Mattress : Reality or Utopia?


Just like the perfect man or woman, there is no single mattress perfect for all! There is no universal formula… What is perceived by one as a major attribute is for another a huge defect and vice versa! Yet, the perfect mattress FOR YOU does well and truly exist! But how to find it?


The Perfect Mattress : Let’s Establish the Facts!


First of all, it is important to keep in mind that the human body is unique, each one’s health condition, sleep habits and preferences are different. Some mattress retailers would have you believe that they have THE ideal model of mattress for you, when in reality it should be you who finds the model that suits you best. The more choices there are, the more chance your have of finding the models best adapted to your specific needs.


How to Choose your Perfect Mattress


Having said this, we still need to know how to find that elusive mattress, perfectly suited to you. Here are three good tips from our sleep experts.


Deal with Real Mattress Specialists

Go to a store specializing in sleep rather than a general furniture store. It is indeed preferable to speak to professionals and experts in the field, those who are trained to understand your needs and come up with solutions to your sleep or health problems such as backaches, sleep apnoea, poor blood circulation in the legs, etc. This type of advice can be less thorough and in-dept if your are dealing with generalists, or worse yet, if you are dealing with an exclusively online store : in which case you probably will not receive any advise whatsoever!

Do not hesitate to question your expert advisor, enabling him to guide you through the various mattress collections and models, levels of comfort, coil structures, etc. The comfort and characteristics of a mattress vary according to materials used and it is imperative that your advisor informs and guides you through the wide range of possibilities so that you have a full understanding of the product you are buying. What to choose according to your needs and preferences? A latex mattress? Memory foam? Pocket coils? You must take the time to ask yourself questions, to make the right decision for you, and our sleep experts are fully trained to help you throughout this process.


Identify your Ideal Comfort

To find the perfect mattress, take your time in determining your preferred comfort level. Do you prefer firm, semi-firm or soft comfort? Do you prefer something providing more support or cozy? By answering these questions, you will eliminate approximately 2/3 of the options. Don’t make the mistake of immediately trying out just whatever model, this will only cloud your judgement, just as you will alter you sense of smell by trying many perfumes.


Try it Out!

If we continue the comparison… Would you marry someone after having spent less than 10 minutes with them? No? Same applies to a mattress! Try out the proposed mattresses in your normal sleep position, relax and take your time (at least 5 minute trial for each mattress). Listen to your body : it will be your best guide.

Make sure to remove your shoes, your coat and as much as possible, don’t look at the price, as this will have a direct, negative impact, on your perception and choice of a mattress adapted to you. Take your time for the trial : this step is of utmost importance. You spend more than a third of your life in bed and the purchase of a mattress is a major investment : take your time to choose wisely!

In summary, just like the prince charming of children’s books, theoretically THE perfect mattress does exist , however in practice, you need to dig deeper in order to identify which one is perfect, specifically for you…


Your LA PLACE Specialists



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