What is a pocket coil mattress?


Pocket coils (individually wrapped coils) adjust better than regular coils to natural body curves.. By adapting to your pelvis and shoulders, a better spinal and cervical area support is provided..

Coils are characterized according to size, corresponding to their tension, to the size of steel wires used to make them. The higher the number, the softer the coils. Some mattresses are even made of various sizes of coils to better adapt to the body. For example, most pocket coil mattresses exclusive at LA PLACE offer a tri-zonal structure, in which the firmness under the legs, pelvis and shoulders is not the same, therefore adapting to the natural proportions of the body.

Pocket coils also have the advantage of minimizing motion transfer from one sleeper to the other : an agitated partner is therefore no longer a problem, as movements are no longer felt.

Some of our mattresses even provide a double structure of pocket coils, a conventional structure, covered with a layer of pocket nano springs (small low profile springs) thus optimizing even more the benefits of this type of coil.



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