Are Mattresses in a Box as Good as “Regular Mattresses”?


Mattresses in a or in a bag (in other words, rolled and vacuum sealed), are gaining in popularity. While some swear only by them, others hesitate to choose this type of mattress. Is the quality of these mattresses as good as a regular mattress? How to choose the right one? These are just some of the questions that we will answer!


What Is a Mattress in a Box?


To begin, what is a mattress in a box? How can such a large product fit in a box and be delivered right to your front door? The process, while seemingly complex, is actually quite simple, it is possible thanks to machinery designed specifically for this purpose. Today, most mattress manufacturers are equipped with this ever evolving technology ; we can’t do without it anymore!

More specifically, the mattress is first placed in a large bag, then put on the platform of an impressive machine, which removes the air both from the bag and the mattress, thus reducing the mattress to a minimum thickness, which is then folded length wise. At the end of the process the machine rolls the mattress width wise, and the seals it in a second protective bag. Finally, the mattress is put into a box or a bag, and identified.

All you need to do when you receive it is remove the packaging, using the plastic cutter provided in most cases with your mattress, the mattress will then open up and take it’s exact shape in only a few minutes. Within only a few hours, it will provide you with maximum comfort and you can sleep on it… just like that!


Advantages – and Disadvantages? – of a Mattress in a Box


The main advantage of a mattress in a box is that it is very practical ; easy to handle, you can buy it, leave the store with it and within just a few hours be enjoying it. It can also be shipped more quickly and easily.

The ecological aspect is not be ignored. More specifically, the compactness of the mattress in a box enables retailers to optimize space in their delivery trucks, thus reducing comings and goings. Customers who purchase their mattress in a box directly in the store also reduce the ecological footprint related to the purchase of their mattress since no delivery truck is required. These are the two main advantages.

In fact, contrary to what some may think, there are no disadvantages to rolling a mattress. The fact that a mattress is rolled provides proof of it’s superior quality…


Mattresses in a Box : Myths and Realities


Mattresses in a Box – of Inferior Quality?

Let us be clear : it is WRONG to believe that a rolled mattress is of inferior quality to a mattress considered to be normal. Rather, the fact that a mattress can be rolled is proof that superior quality foam is used in the making thereof, that is to say a density of 2 pounds or more. A poor quality foam, not meeting this standard, would not return to its original shape. At LA PLACE, at least, no mattress in a box is manufactured below these standards.

Therefore, the fact that a mattress cannot be rolled could be an indicator that the foam used is of poor quality. At LA PLACE, almost all mattresses can be put into a box or a bag (automatically or upon request). Those that cannot be are, for example, models having special technology making it impossible to roll the mattress, as in the case of adjustable mattresses.

Mattresses in a Box : Always Made from Foam?

Not all mattresses in a box are necessarily made solely from foam. Nowadays, with ever evolving technology, pocket coil mattresses can also be rolled, without any problem and without altering the quality of the coils.

Mattresses in a Box : Are They All the Same?

It is wrong to assume that all mattresses in a box are equal. Even though many companies seem to offer similar models, the global offer varies greatly.

At LA PLACE, for example, we aim to offer many types of mattresses in a box, to meet with the preferences and above all the needs of each one, whether it be a regular memory foam mattress, graphite, copper or gel infused, natural latex or finally regular pocket coils. It is impossible for one type of mattress to be perfect for everyone : a young healthy teenager will obviously not have the same needs or preferences as a person suffering from serious backaches, a heavier person or someone who is very warm at night, only to mention a few. It is therefore preferable to do business with a company offering a wide variety of products, corresponding to specific needs.

The exclusive collection My WOWBED has, moreover, been designed with this in mind.


How to Choose your Mattress in a Box?


With the ever growing mattress in a box offer, it is easy to get confused… It is always preferable to be able to try out the mattress, since comfort is always of utmost importance! Even if we tell you that millions of people have tried a given mattress and love it and that it is the most comfortable mattress, nothing beats a trial… We therefore suggest that you choose a retailer who allows you to try out the mattress in store, ensuring a choice that is adapted to your needs.

This being said, if you wish to purchase online, take the time to properly read descriptions, which normally contain essential information such as degree of comfort (soft, firm, etc.) and the sensation (memory effect, support, etc.). Make sure to take the time to find out about the product guarantee, comfort guarantee : make sure you can try out your mattress for at least 90 nights. At LA PLACE, for example, if you are not satisfied after 100 nights, not only can you exchange your product with another, you also have a wide selection to choose from./p>

The origin may also be an important criteria to consider. It is wrong to assume that mattresses manufactured in Quebec are more expensive : on the contrary, many intermediary fees are avoided, you will furthermore avoid any unwanted surprises, such as extended delivery times, which can happen in the case of mattresses manufactured in China, for example. And in a context where local purchasing is ever more important, the Quebec, or at least the Canadian mattress, is a must.


In Summary…


In summary, do not be afraid of mattresses in a box, which, without having any real disadvantages, are extremely practical.

The ever more sophisticated packaging process, does not alter in any way the quality of the mattresses, which can all be rolled, no matter what the materials (for example coils), with the exception of poor quality materials, which do not return to their original shape.

If you foresee purchasing a mattress in a box, try to deal with a company allowing trials and a wide selection so that you can find the right one for you, even if you need to exchange the first model chosen. If you opt not to try it out but rather to purchase online, take time to gather information helping you to make your choice : level of comfort, sensation, specific advantages, guarantee, place of manufacturing, etc.

That’s it! Good night!

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