Memory Foam Mattresses


Memory foam or visco-elastic foam, was invented by NASA to reduce pressure and increase comfort of astronauts during blast off by adapting to the shape of their bodies. Its main characteristic? It is designed to mold perfectly to the body and also to return to its original shape with every movement and to readjust to body curves according to the new position. Memory foam reduces pressure points, allows muscles to relax more quickly and provides spinal support.

LA PLACE offers a wide selection of memory foam : regular memory foam, added to optimize comfort of some mattresses, gel infused memory foam, and graphite infused memory foam. All are CertiPUR-US certified, a North American official certification based on the strictest criteria which ensures that foam is without harmful products for either the environment or humans.


Graphite Infused Memory Foam


Our graphite infused memory foam has enabled us to create extremely comfortable mattresses, however we also aim to enhance as much as possible our offer of traditional memory foam mattresses enabling our customers to benefit from restorative sleep. Our graphite infused memory foam is an exclusivity of LA PLACE. Why infuse foam with graphite? To make it not only more durable, but also cooler, all the while offering increased support. Therefore, whereas memory foam is generally not recommended for those who are warm-bodied, since they are sensitive to body heat, at LA PLACE, our memory foam has been designed to regularize body temperature and optimize air circulation.



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